‘Welcome’ alerts you of the customer’s planned visit along with details of the visitor's needs.


The platform delivers 3 key outcomes. 


  • The platform allows customers to communicate their needs more efficiently to you.

  • Increases your staff knowledge about various disabilities and grows their confidence to deal with situations independently.

  • Create a relationship with your customers

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Easy to use for staff and visitors

Real-time dashboards 
Email notifications
Know customers needs before they arrive

On-demand disability training for staff

User feedback and reviews

Proximity triggered disability awareness tailored to the needs of the visitor 

Reduce the anxiety of staff when welcoming disabled visitors

Build amazing relationships with your customers

 with the welcome app, your staff can have the confidence to provide the best service to every customer.

UK market worth £249bn 

The spending power of disabled people and their families is worth £249 billion in the UK alone. Improving customer service will increase return visits and revenue.

save £'s from bad PR

Poor service to a disabled customer can lead to a PR nightmare costing your business thousands. But keeping all your staff trained and up to date with the wide variety of visible and hidden disabilities is expensive and time-consuming.

You're steps away from providing more accessible and inclusive customer service for all your customers. 
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